Refund Policy

Ophelia Media is a digital marketing agency that practices the latest SEO standards set by the industry. Our SEO and GMB Optimization is based on the marketing guidelines, procedures, and tactics that are tested to bring credible results. Our team does not practice any black hat marketing tactics including stuffing of keywords, bot crawlers, fake traffic, copyright content, or any kind of link spamming. We only use the tactics which are authorized by Google and major search engines and are in the best interest of our clients. We are always learning and testing new technologies and tactics to create a productive sales funnel for our clients belonging to a wide spectrum of niches.

  • We are an individual company and are not in any kind of partnership or affiliation with any search engine including Google, Yahoo, Bing, duck duck go, and more.
  • Our team does not promise or guarantee any kind of specific rankings or positions in search engine rankings. We do not and cannot manipulate search engine rankings or your listing’s ranking.
  • Our team works tirelessly to target the right audience and bring increased traffic to your listing/website but we do not take any responsibility for delays from Google’s End.
  • Website SEO takes at least 90-120 days to rank up in the Google search results. Only partial refunds are available if we don’t deliver anything after the 120 day period.
  • Top Tech Digital does not take any responsibility for any delays caused by Google’s Policies.

Our refund policy has different guidelines for each service.